6110 Times  
WHARF Membership 
1 D6110 Medical Supplies Network, In (MSNI) Jack Maxwell Larry Biron s
2 New Opportunities Grant - District 6560 Joyce Elferdink p
3 WCS Project, RC of Cincinnati, D6670 Bob McElroy Dr. Charles Pierce s
4 Brazil Hospital Project, Dist 6860 David Burch s,p
5 Medical Mission Program  Dist. 7120 Jeannie Wells s,p
6 Hunger Plus, District 5730 JB Roberts Ted Holder s
7 Breedlove Dehydrated Foods Robert Taylor s
8 Operation Condor  District 6440 John De Deyser p
9 International Aid Billy Teninty s
10 Saving Lives Worldwide Program  D6710 Frances E. Fach Patricia Hart s.p
11 Fire and Medical Supply Co. (FAMSCO) Jim Peterson Gordon Esbeck Dick Kennedy s
12 Rohnert Park-Cotati WCS Project  D5130 Vida Jones p
13 WCS Project, Dist 6940 Randall Spencer s,p
14 Flame of Hope Foundation, Inc.  Dist. 6250 Karen Dahl p
15 Rotary Blood Bank Technology Exchange  D5790 Charles Kurtzman s
16 Governor's Challenge Blood Drives  D5790 Charles Kurtzman p
17 Universal HEART Jessica Settle t
18 Sunstove Solar Cookers    Richard Wareham Margaret Bennett s
19 Project C.U.R.E. (Com. On Urgen Relief & Equip.) Douglas Jackson PhD John Betz s
20 D5110 Container Project PDG Judi Beard-Strubing s,p
21 Rotary World Help Network (RWHN)  D5040/50 Terry McGaulay George Sandwith Bill Richwa s
22 J.M.Keckler Medical  District 5220 Mike Keckler Jim Whitworth s
23 Map International Mark Walker John Garvin Rosemary Meh. s
24 Direct Relief International (DRI) Thomas Tighe Susan Fowler s
25 Hands Across the Sea  District 5240 Jim Johannsen s
26 World Vision Craig MacKay Jim Schmick s
27 Food for the Hungry Inc. Stanley Schirm s
28 Medical Equipment Transport Services  Dist. 6920 Bob Ashley DDS Patti T Victor Al Wieners s
29 Brother's Brother Foundation Luke Hingson Michele fonda s
30 Rotaplast International, Inc. Sharron Newton s
31 Helping Hands Wellness Outreach, Inc. Emerson Cochran MD p
32 David Livingston KURE Foundation Dwain Griffin s
33 Blessings International Harold Harder PhD s,t
34 HAWS (Humanitarian Aid Warehouse Society)  D537 Larry Johnson Zen Moisey s
35 International Book Bank Bradley Vogt s
36 Arkansas - Volgograd affiliation Dr. Charles Cranford Jim Wohlleb p
37 Alliance for Smiles Anita Stangl p
38 International Ambulatory Proj. RC Richmond, VA Joseph Kelleher Paul Keller p,s
39 Haitian Initiative Project  RC of Richmond, VA Paul Keller p,s
40 Smiles Foundation Elina Katsman John DeBoer p,s
41 ERDF - Crossroads Cal Bombay Jack Hawkins Sandro DiSabatino p
42 MediSend International Ruth Dynbort Susan Rowe s
43 Global Operations and Development (GO&D) Bill Barta s,t,p
44 Christian Flights International Ray Jackson Scott Mandl p,s
45 Lifewater International William Ashe John Nadolski p,s
46 Nurses with a Mission Mauri Barnes RN s
47 ROHMSID Kurt Dale Dr. Charles MacDonald s,I
48 MESA - Medical Equipment & Supplies Abroad Jack Goodnight Chuck Stocking s
49 IMEC - Intl. Medical Equipment Collaborative Thomas Keefe, CEO Jennifer Keefe p,s
50 D5440 Rotary Proj. in Casper- Firetrucks to Mx. Tom Thorson Dennis Lower p,s
51 Rotary Books for the World   D5890 PDG Charlie Clemmons s
52 Medical Bridges   D5890 Angiae Jimenez s
53 D7170 Computer and Med. Equipment Programs Dr Willam BP Cadwallader PDG Marie Lusins s,p
54 Powerflour Action Network  
55 Med-Link D7600 in Virginia John Knight Don Comer s
56 International Medical Relief Foundation, Inc Dr. Hrusikesh Rarida Melanie Martin s
57 Water For the Americas Keith Thompson Alan Ashbaugh p
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