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I am writing to you today on behalf of Rotary’s Public Image Resource Group to encourage Rotary clubs and districts to select a day and highlight Rotary’s involvement in the local – and global – community. The Public Image Resource Group recommends Rotary’s “birthday” on February 23 as an ideal date for several reasons. First, as Rotary’s anniversary, February 23 allows clubs and districts a natural day to recognize Rotary’s past, present and future. Second, the more clubs and districts around the world that celebrate Rotary Day on the same day, the greater the positive impact on Rotary’s public image. 

Yet, while publicizing Rotary on its February 23 birthday is ideal, any day can be identified as “Rotary Day” in your community. What is key is to plan a high visibility community service project or event for Rotary Day that helps to communicate what Rotary is and does with your community. 

To help Rotary clubs and districts organize a celebration, here are three resources that are available for you and your District and Club Public Relations Committees:

100 Ways to Celebrate Rotary Day (PDF). Let your imaginations run wild! You may select one or many options and tailor your celebration to your community – or come up with your own creative Rotary Day activities. Remember, the idea is to share the Rotary story with the general community, so your celebration efforts should be directed to the community, the media and the general public. 

Rotary Day Proclamation (.doc). A proclamation is an official recognition of a particular event or day. Often “proclaimed” by a government authority, the day is recorded in the public record and may be announced in such forums as a city council, provincial government or national parliament. This formal recognition also provides a good “news hook” for potential media attention. This proclamation sample can be tailored and sent to your local community, regional or national government decision-makers asking that a specific date – February 23 or another day – be named Rotary Day and declared an official day in your community. 

Celebrate Rotary Day Poster. To help promote the event in your community, two Rotary Day poster designs are available for districts and clubs to use. A graphic designer can modify the blank section or insert local photos. You can also print the poster out as is and write in local event information. The poster is designed so that it can stand alone, if needed. 

The Rotary International Board of Directors adopted “enhance the internal and external recognition and public image of Rotary” as the No. 2 goal in its Strategic Plan. Think of the impact of everyone celebrating Rotary Day together! Best wishes as we Share Rotary to Make Dreams Real . . .


Bill Tubbs, Area Coordinator/North America
Rotary International Public Image Resource Group
District 6000 Governor 2004-05
P.O. Box 223, Eldridge, IA 52748
Phone: (563) 285-8111
Fax: (563) 285-8114
E-mail: btubbs@northscottpress.com

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