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Greetings from Rotary International's Public Relations division!

This e-mail provides you with links to public relations tools and resources for you to easily tailor and use in your community. Please feel free to add any of the information below to your Web site, newsletter or blog.

Your role as a public relations specialist is very important for the strength and success of Rotary. As you know, strong public relations efforts can often increase support for projects, enhance recognition in the community, and attract qualified candidates for membership. Rotary International’s Public Relations staff are available to support all Rotary clubs with professional counsel and resources to effectively communicate with the general public, media, and other organizations.

If you are a district governor, you have received this e-mail because there was no District Public Relations Chair listed. Please update this information by sending an e-mail to may.li@rotary.org and forward this e-mail to your DPRC.

PR Resources

Humanity in Motion
All of Rotary's pre-produced public service announcements (PSAs) can be downloaded from the Web site:  www.rotary.org/humanityinmotion. Rotarians are encouraged to seek gratis and discounted rates to broadcast the PSAs in their communities. Rotarians can easily localize these materials to make them more appropriate for their community.  They can also be ordered through RI’s on-line shop here

Effective Public Relations Web site
Read more about public relations by visiting the Effective Public Relations section of RI’s Web site. Here you will find information on public relations writing, working with the media and additional resources that Rotarians can use to promote Rotary in their communities.

Rotary PR Tips                                                                                                                

Every Rotarian responsible for club or district public relations is encouraged to Sign up to receive Rotary PR Tips, a biweekly newsletter that offers innovative ideas and examples related to sharing the Rotary story. You can also register for the newsletter by sending an e-mail to pr@rotary.org.

Fact Sheets
Rotary's Fact sheets provide information about Rotary's efforts on polio, water, peace, literacy, education and health. Download all fact sheets here.

Sample PR Presentation
This presentation (located in related documents) can be used if you have an opportunity to lead a PR discussion or give a presentation at a PETS, GETS, Institute or any other large Rotary meeting. Please feel free to use the full presentation or select slides and customize as appropriate.

The Club Public Relations Committee Manual                                                                                                                                                                              All club-level PR representatives should have a copy of The Club Public Relations Committee Manual. This manual provides each club with strategies to help promote local public relations efforts. Download this resource at: http://www.rotary.org/RIdocuments/en_pdf/226c_en.pdf

Effective Public Relations: A guide for Rotary Clubs
This resource is great for Rotarians new to PR. It provides background information on the practice of PR, writing tips, working with the media tips, case studies and a section focusing on social media. This item can be ordered through RI’s on-line shop here.

Media Crisis Guide                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This resource helps Rotary clubs and districts work effectively and efficiently with the news media when unexpected events prompt inquiries from the press. The Media Crisis Guide can be ordered through RI’s on-line shop here

What’s Rotary? Wallet cards                                                                                                                                                                                                             The convenient wallet-size card answers frequently asked questions about the organization and scope of Rotary. A great handout to non-Rotarians, cards can be ordered through Rotary’s on-line shop here

This is Rotary brochure
A colorful illustrated brochure provides a brief overview of Rotary for prospective Rotarians and the general public. These can be given to guests at your club meeting or to non-Rotarians. Order through Rotary’s on-line shop here

Start with Rotary Postcard and wallet card                                                                                                                                                                               Both postcard and wallet card feature an invitation to attend a Rotary club meeting. Send or distribute them to prospective members.

End polio now promotional materials
Spread the word that Rotary is committed to ending polio worldwide. In addition to Rotary’s new mini site, there are three new promotional materials including a brochure, a DVD, and a poster to help promote Rotary’s End polio now campaign. Order the materials here.

Gates Challenge Grant resources
Promote the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s challenge grant with two new resources. Both the sample news release and sample letter to the editor can be localized by inserting information about your club’s or district’s local polio eradication efforts. Rotarians are encouraged to utilize these tools to promote Rotary’s commitment to eradicating polio worldwide. The resources are available in all Rotary languages and can be downloaded here.

Rotary Centers Poster                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The color poster promoting The Rotary Foundation’s Rotary World Peace Fellowships can be ordered here

PR Grants

PR Grants
Rotary’s PR Grants enable districts to apply for grants up to US$10,000 to assist with the placement of paid advertisements to promote Rotary throughout their district. Application, frequently asked questions and key dates can be found here.

Rotary PR Counsel

Public Image Resource Group
The Public Image Resource Group (PIRG), appointed by the RI president each year, is a team of Rotarians that provides information and support to Rotary clubs and districts to help promote projects, share success stories, and explain what Rotary is and does through the media. Contact your Public Image Resource Group coordinator to learn how your club or district can get involved.

Other Resources

RSS Feed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      If you have not done so already, RI encourages all clubs to Subscribe to RSS feed through the RI web site. This enables RI to send you updated news stories to include on your Web site, blog or newsletter. This will give you ideas how to best promote the current news of RI that ties in with your current club projects.

Rotary Emblem
Add Rotary’s emblem to your promotional materials including brochures, banners, posters, etc. Download Rotary’s emblem directly from the Web site here

Please contact us with any further questions.

Best Regards,

Joseph Lorenzo
public relations coordinator
rotary international
tel. 847.866.3387

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