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Example Letter to Proposed New Member

Mr. Vern Johnson
President Acme Inc.
1845 Industrial Lane
Your City, State, Zip

September 1, 2008

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I'm sure that you are familiar with Rotary International. It was the first, and still is the premier service club in the World.

A few days ago, your name was suggested as potential member. As you may be aware, membership in Rotary International is by invitation only. Based on your stature as a community and business leader, our board of directors feel you would be an ideal candidate for membership in Rotary. In addition to the opportunity to make life long friendships, Rotary offers a great deal to the community and the children of the world. Currently, the Frontenac Rotary is involved in several on-going projects.

Scholarships. Each year Frontenac Rotary awards scholarships to an outstanding seniors.

Rotary Park. The Club created the Rotary park nearly 20 years ago and is active in its growth.

Salvation Army. The Frontenac Rotary Club hosts an annual canned food drive.

Polio Eradication. In 1985, Rotary International became involved in the world-wide effort to eradicate Polio. As of today over most countries have been certified as Polio free.

Group Study Exchange. Each year our district hosts a group of Rotarians from another country and sends a Team to their nation to exchange cultural and vocational ideas as will as promote world peace.

There are literally hundreds of programs that you can become a part when you become a Rotarian, not to mention the opportunities for fellowship and a satisfaction that you are doing something to help the community and the World. Someone from our club will be in contact with you in a few days to discuss the benefits of being a Rotarian. Thank you very much for your time.


Gary Miller


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