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Membership Follow-Up Check List

Potential Member Name ________________________

Sponsor Member______________________________

Hello, this is _______________________ with the Frontenac Rotary Club. Can I have a moment of your time?

Thank you. A few weeks ago, you were proposed for membership by a member of our club. I was wondering if you had considered joining our club?

Just so we can identify why you have chosen not to join Rotary at this time, would you please answer a few simple questions?

Thank you. First of all. Did Someone from our club personally contact you about joining our Rotary Club?
(__) Yes (__) No

Why do you feel that you would not like to join out group at the present time?

  • (__) Job Pressure
  • (__) Family Pressure
  • (__) Too Involved in other groups
  • (__) Just not interested
  • (__) Other__________________________________________

Do you know of anyone who you feel in your organization would be a good asset to our club?

Thank you for your time. If you think of anything else you would like to add or you know of Someone who would make a good member, please contact me at ________________

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