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1. That the provision for financing "The Ralph R. Kirchner Fund" be made by annual voluntary contributions from each member club of District 6110 in the sum of three dollars ($3.00 per member) based on membership as of the first of July of each Rotary year. One or more scholarship may be awarded each year.

2. The qualifications of applicants and the procedures for selecting the Ralph R. Kirchner scholarship recipient shall be the same as those Rotary Foundation Educational Awards Program. A scholarship information brochure and application can be obtained from the local Rotary Club President or the Rotary District 6110 Secretary. Applicants should maintain a grade point average well above 3.2, maintain high standards in their academic studies, demonstrate leadership abilities, and show promise of outstanding achievement. The Ralph R Kirchner scholarship may be awarded to a relative of a Rotarian. A relative of a Rotarian should write "Rotarian relative" at the top of the first page of their application so that they will be considered for the Kirchner scholarship.

3. All Kirchner Scholarship applications must be endorsed by a local Rotary Club in District 6110 and mailed to the District Secretary so that they are received no later than July 15th to be eligible to a scholarship award in the following academic year. Applicants are ask to make themselves available for a personal interview by the Ralph R. Kirchner Scholarship committee.

4. The basic period of the scholarship is the regular academic year (usually nine months) at the selected study institution. The institution must be located outside the United States. The award cannot be held over, extended, or postponed beyond the period for which it is originally granted. Because the primary purpose of the scholarship is to contribute to international understanding and since the District 6110 sponsorship ends after one academic year, an award does not necessarily enable the recipient to earn a degree, certificate, or diploma.

5. The Rotary District 6110 Ralph R. Kirchner Scholarship is awarded in a specific dollar amount up to $15,000 and can be used for whatever educational expenses the recipient selects such as: round trip transportation, required academic fees, educational supplies, room and board. Expenses above the scholarship award that are incurred by the recipient will be the responsibility of the recipient.

6. When a recipient is notified of their selection they must sign and return the Kirchner Scholarship Certification form within sixty days from the date of their appointment letter to the committee chairperson. The scholarship recipient selects the institution where they will study and must provide the Rotary District 6110 Treasurer with a copy of the letter indicating they have been accepted as a student. Also, information regarding the dates each semester starts so funds can be sent to the recipients prior to the beginning of each semester.

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