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Rotary Foundation Alumni FAQs

  1. What is the purpose of Rotary Foundation Alumni relations?
  1. To create a lifelong relationship between Rotary and its alumni.


  1. Who are Rotary Foundation alumni?
  1. Foundation alumni are former
  • Ambassadorial Scholars
  • GSE team members & leaders
  • Grant for University Teachers recipients
  • Rotary World Peace Fellows
  • Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program recipients
  • Rotary Volunteers that have received Foundation grants, such as Discovery Grants, Individual Grants, and Volunteer Service Grants

    Q. Why is it important to keep Rotary Foundation alumni connected with Rotary?
    A. Foundation Alumni are important because

  • They are part of the Rotary family, having benefited from Foundation programs.
  • They are great resources for promoting Foundation programs and Rotary
  • They are a source of potential donations to the Rotary Foundation
  • They are a source of potential Rotarians


  • How many Rotary Foundation alumni are there?
  • There are approximately
    • 57,000 GSE alumni
    • 38,000 scholar alumni
    • 5,000 Rotary Volunteers
    • Over 100,000 total Rotary Foundation alumni
  • How many Foundation alumni are Rotarians?
  • Only approximately 16,000 Rotarians are Foundation alumni.  The majority of these are Rotary Volunteers and GSE team leaders.

    Q. What can districts and clubs do to involve Rotary Foundation alumni in their activities?
    A. Districts and clubs can:

    • Encourage alumni to form or join existing alumni associations
    • Invite alumni to serve on selection committees for GSE teams, Ambassadorial Scholars, and Rotary World Peace Fellows.
    • Encourage and invite alumni to become involved in regional orientation seminars.
    • Ask alumni to work on club and district service projects.
    • Extend invitations to alumni to present at club and district events, including the district conference.
    • What else can districts and clubs do to improve alumni relations efforts?
    • Make an effort to include alumni in all your district and club activities.

      Q. Who are Rotary Foundation alumni coordinators?
      A. Rotary Foundation alumni coordinators (RFACs) are zone representatives responsible for working with district leadership to reconnect with and involve alumni.   

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