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Steve in Haiti for Wheelchair Distribution

Wheelchair distribution in
Port Au Prince, Haiti June 29, 2011
Global Mobility Equity

Pictured above is Steve Reid with Father Sadoni at St. Vincent's School for Handicapped Children


Help with the Cholera epidemic in Haiti

Red Thread Promise, going the distance.


Red Thread Blog

Red Thread Promise Blog


Brand New Wheelchairs discarded, June 30, 2011
Free Wheelchair Mission
Free Wheelchair Mission


MSNI Car Raffle!!



6110 believes in responsible solutions
Mobility International

Craig Lenz


Happy 4th of July!!!


50 Year Rotarians

Rotarians share their views from Booneville, Arkansas

5 Rotarians from Muskogee, OK

F. L Holton from Poteau, OK

J.P. Hammerschmidt from Harrison, Arkansas